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Event ideas Bali

Event ideas Bali

After lunch, we take you to the site of Borobudur, a well-known Buddhist landmark. At about a one hour leisurely drive out of Yogyakarta, it is one of the biggest and most impressive monuments ever erected by mankind, unobtrusively blending in with the splendid background of Menoreh mountain range.

The terraced temple tells the times and lives of the Lord Buddha in well over 1.500 expressive reliefs. While climbing to the top, the faithful pilgrim received a full-length set of Buddhist teachings.

Thus one can say the Borobudur is a prayer in stone! The renovation, finished in the early eighties of last century, sublimely reflects the will of man to preserve the past. Once enshrined by a wild jungle, it took more than ten years and great effort to renovate the monument. This gargantuan task got finished late last century. Now it belongs to one of the finest examples of Buddhist architecture.