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Program idea Bali

Program idea Bali

This day activity combines several activities, locations and modes of transport. It is solidly anchored in Balinese tradition and culture and involves a high degree of participation from participants, who become more than spectators. It showcases the best of Bali’s landscapes and reveals age old handicrafts in an entertaining package. Finally, returning from East Bali by large, comfortable and modern catamaran adds another flavor of sheer fun.

All this effortlessly executed by an extensive team of Kelana DMC.

In the evening, a special dinner will be arranged at the Prince’s house. The beautiful building is the former house of one of the sons of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono VII, Gusti Pangeran Hangabehi, which ruled Yogjakarta in 1877– 1920. The historical building is still rtistically decorated with furniture from the late 19th century which gives a strong traditional Kraton-like influence.

Located in the same complex of the Kraton, once you enter through the big whiteclad gate, the house requires no heavy decorations to turn it into a Royal Gala Dinner venue. Welcomed by troops of men in Kraton’s soldier-like outfit, the waiters in the equally enchanting costume will escort you to your seat. During or before the dinner ends an enchanting and gracious Ramayana Dance will be performed to celebrate the night.