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Travel highlights Bali

Travel highlights Bali

Bali’s temples
The temples of Bali are unique and easily recognized by their candi bentar. A split gate entrance marks the access to usually three courtyards. Gradually elevated higher than the previous one, they are dedicated to the demons, humans and to the Gods. Meru’s or temple towers are another, significant part of Balinese temple architecture. When a ceremony takes place, usually during purnama or full moon, they become vibrant with dazzling colors. Each temple will have an odalan or temple ceremony, roughly every 210 days. Taking into account there are thousands of temples across Bali, chances are high you’ll be caught in one !

Besakih Temple
Besakih Temple is Bali's holiest and biggest temple complex. Situated at 1000 meters hight on Mount Agung more than 86 temples form this beautiful complex. It is not only a point of attraction for religion and culture, but also for scenic views over Bali's landscape.

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary
The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is a nature reserve and a temple complex. It is well known for the long-tailed Macaques monkeys living within its boundaries. Despite hundreds of visitors every day, it is a place filled with mystique, offering repose from the bustling center. It is a well-known land mark of Ubud.

Tanah Lot Temple
Built on the rock formation Tanah Lot, surrounded by the sea, it is not surprisingly that this temple is dedicated to the God and power of the sea. According to the legend, Hinduism arrived here from Java on Bali’s shores. The temple belongs to one of the many sea temples along the coast of Bali. The temple derives its reputation from a superb location, right in the pounding surf of the Indian Ocean.

Rice Terraces

Built like staircase to the dwellings of the Gods, Bali’s rice terraces in offer stunning views. Picture perfect landscapes can be enjoyed on many locations just a short distance away from the busy south, where most resorts are located. Drive up to the country side and  immerse yourself in the lush green color of Bali.

Uluwatu Temple
Another beautiful sea temple is Uluwatu Temple. Perched high on top of a cliff and surrounded by the sea, the setting of this temple is as dramatic as its meaning to the Balinese, who must visit at regular times. It is one of the many highlight for everyone travelling to Bali.

Bali’s mountain lakes.
A towering mountain range devides Bali into two distinct halves. The slopes are gentle towards the south and nothing less than dramatic towards the north. While the south is cosmopolitan and highly devloed with resot towns and all the facilities that go with, the north is locked in a tranquil pace. The vibe is completely different here. The sights are much more influenced by the mountains, the pace is relaxed, agriculture is the mainstay The people, temples and ceremonies are different here. Mountain peaks are dotted by lakes, offering visitors the option of great rain forest hikes. Its shores are often lined with unique Hindu temples. Views on volcanic crates are awesome.

Balinese architecture.
During virtually every excursion, you will be confronted by Balinese architecture. Temples as well as home dwellings are designed along Hindu principles. Every house has three main sections and no matter where you are, they are always oriented from the sea to the mountains.

Attend a Balinese temple ceremony.

Each month is always accompanied with ceremonies at local temples across the island. Odalan or temple anniversaries often concur during full moon. During those periods, Bali usually goes into a frenzy, marked by special ceremonies, increased temple activity and sacred dances. These ceremonies are unique, lively and colorful events, where visitors are welcome.